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Sankalpa (resolve) for letting go of fear and opening to trust and love

I let go of the holding, questioning and trying to irrationally ‘rationalise’, ‘understand’ and ‘control’ that are used ineffectively to manage the emotions and deep samskaras* arising in my being.

I open to and accept the feelings arising and allow them to release

through anahata* and vishuddhi*.

I let go of the egoic part of me that wants to achieve security by feeling I am the most special –

a seeking that stems from a fear of not being loved

which blocks me from feeling how deeply loved and special I am.

I open to humility that allows me to see the beauty and perfection

in all unfoldings in this world and all expressions of life.

I let go of the mental processes that keep me from loving, accepting and acknowledging my sensitive heart as she is and knowing she is loveable,

not just to me but to those who see my beauty – who love me.

I open to deep trust in the feelings that come to me when I cease trying

to control or understand life.

I let go of all my concepts, even the ones that come to me from a place of deep truth,

for what was truth yesterday may not be true today.

I let go of attachments to happy and unhappy ideas – things that I want or fear.

I trust that what is meant to be will continue to be and what is not meant to be will cease to be

without my mental, emotional or physical manipulation –

in fact the less I interfere,

the more free divine will is to manifest.

I open to deep trust in the validity and sacredness of how I feel.

I let go of rationalizing truth and validity into human concepts of black and white –

realising that truth exists in different dimensions

where black and white are not real.

I let go of all fearful interference I have used in vain to shield me from imagined sufferings,

realising that these processes themselves create suffering.

I open fully to the magnificence of what is unfolding gracefully, silently,

yet infinitely powerfully in my life.

Most importantly, I open to the light being I have recently been ready to meet

and I let go of all fear as I open my heart to him,

trusting completely in the pure intentions of our mutual

giving and receiving, as we open more and more.

I let go of needing to hide myself from him.

I open all of my magnificent and wounded self to him to be fully seen,

trusting in the loving and compassionate eyes we both will shine on ourselves and each other,

shining light and tenderness on to disowned shadowy parts,

and discovering our perfection and potential;

seeing ourselves in each other

and moving forward in friendship – deep love, trust and commitment.

*Samskaras - deep impressions/patterns stored in our subconscious (Sanskrit)

* Anahata - energy centre at the heart space (Sanskrit)

* Vishuddhi - energy centre at the throat (Sanskrit)