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Only my true love could ever accept the karmic invitation

of finding liberation through annihilation.

Only the one who loves me the most could meet here to destroy us both,

to break our hearts, destroy our trust and everything we thought we knew.

To lose the love we were born to find, to close our hearts

and live in the agony of regret.

To know a grief beyond the boundary of possibility.

To destroy ourselves so violently, it would set me free.

Only my soulmate could meet me to annihilate me completely

and be annihilated by me.

Only my soulmate could be the one to touch me deeply enough to break me

definitively from the epitome of my wounded madness.

The promise would be that for your duplicity, the burden of karma

you carried with me, the sum of grief would remain with me, and at the finale

your heart would be free.

I only wish you could have seen me with the Xray eyes we wear in other worlds,

seen through my deception, to the truth you recognised

right from the start.

I wish you could have kept me in your heart.

Only my soulmate could have a love deep enough to abandon me

for the sake of my eternal redemption and leave us to suffer a long human life

of separation.

Only my soulmate could make me fall so deeply to my knees, and weep with regret

for all the nights and days I'll never spend in his gaze of light.

Only my soulmate could make me wish that death could bring me freedom

from our separation.

Only my soulmate could abandon me so completely to awaken me

to a trauma deep enough to birth a regret strong enough

to make it through eternity, strong enough to put an end to lifetimes

of confusion, betrayal and lost time.

Only you could ever agree to meet me, just for a few divine moments,

before I shattered you and then you shattered me.

I thought you abandoned me, yet now I can see, only my true love could ever agree

to one whole life apart to heal this sickness in my heart.

I miss you every second of this seemingly endless existence.

To honour your memory, I honour my ability to act with integrity

so as never again to find myself without

your love.





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