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words that are never said

What happens to words

that are never said

and tears that never burst

a way through the cavernous ache

of a knotted esophagus

and kisses that never reach

their mark on the one pair of aching lips

that could ever truly receive them

and sighs that stay inside

rebounding through organs and

empty space like squash balls

heart beats that never find

their rhythm against the breast

of their equal and opposite….

What happens to full moon nights

when lovers stay inside with eyes

that never meet their soul’s reflection

and dark moon nights where galaxies

parade their splendor to the unseeing

haze of city lights and dirty fog

and autumns when the solo albatross

still waits on the known and familiar wings

of the only one that will never return…

What happens to letters

that are never received

and bottles that wash up

on shores where no one cares

to open them

genies that are rubbed into existence

by the remnants of childhood dreams

of adults who disown their own power

and magic carpets

that never find that innocent believer

to raise them from stone to heaven…

What happens to the lovers

we dream into existence

and abandon at the altar

cats that don’t remember

how to purr, and dogs that never pull

against the leash…

What happens to flowers

that are delivered to

the wrong address

and stones that are aimed

at innocent hearts whose only crime

is the courage to express their truth…

What happens to the bones

of prehistoric giants buried beneath

layers of time and compacted earth

and stories that are never told

and die with the unparted lips

of the dead…

What happens to the relentless longing

inside for all that another is

and all that can never exist

and the love that can never be

expressed, except through poetry

that never really hits the mark

and the ancient roots of

ancestry and knowing that are veiled

in the illusion of separation

and the oneness

that must wait

until we die?

#experimentsinintimacy #experimentsinspirituality





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