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Blue Raven

There’s so many loves to water

when you cannot bear to let things die.

Even when winter comes and you wither and fall,

in spring, I find you budding tender little pink bits

and making me giddy, all over again.

I can’t water so many fields.

I can’t tend to so many gardens

with the care they deserve.

Where is the centerpiece?

The strong iron mother

in the earth that holds

it all together?

The roots that weave their magic;

where is their solid, father trunk?

I’m journeying back to the source again,

and hoping the galactic bees and honey-eaters

will hold things together while I’m gone.

I’m going home to the womb,

I’m burrowing in deep

at my own sweet pace.

I’m shaking off the karmas

like water from the feathers

of a blue raven.

Shaking off drops of love and dream seeds,

watching them fall and keeping my beak shut.

I’m waiting for the honey of the unfelt, unseen.

I’m waiting for the nectar of the dream undreamt.

I’m waiting for the call of the soul unexpressed.

I’m waiting with my wings outstretched.

I’m ready to let go of this world

and watch it spin on happily without me

like I never trusted it could.

I’m ready to rustle amongst you

like peninsular leaves on a windy full moon night

making you shiver, and turn even

from a new lover’s kiss.

I’m ready to love you, love you

like I never could, even in my glorious curves

and tiger breath:

love you from the core out,

like a universe birthing,

the feeling of your Self dawning;

you don’t even know I’m there.

I’m ready to hand this pirate ship over

to the next scallywag

and sail on unnoticed

with only the wind for breath

and sea for movement.

I’m climbing out of the branches

and crawling in to the hollow within

surrounded by life.

I’m shaking off the karmas.

Watch them falling as tears

of moments too beautiful not to exist

in eternity:

I’m taking them with me

in my eternal soul, stronger than

the body, and real enough to claw, claw

like a hungry cat

(how I love to feel you

clawing at me with your ravishing,

breath-stealing beauty).

I’m taking you with me as breath.

I’m carrying you with me

between the nothingness

like a magic carpet

weaving its pattern

into our deepest



our magnificent vibrational art.

I’m planting the seeds

and letting you sow yourself

in this dance,

play your own part.

I’m dancing with you,

and I’m dancing for you,

my dance is your dance,

yet I’m dancing on my own ten,

tiny toes, little life boats in an infinite

galactic space.

I’m walking on the earth,

but leaving no trace.

I’m not in a hurry,

and there’s no time to waste.

Your garden is a paradise now!

To think I thought you needed me!

Just a little inspiration in the form of your own

reflection was the only direction

I gave.

I’m shaking off the karmas

like raindrops off the back

of a black swan.

I’ll see you on the inside,

when we’re all already gone.

I’ll feel you on the inside,

as the living pulse

of every song.

I’m laughing as I harvest

and singing as I sow:

I’ll love you from the inside,

everywhere I go.





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