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Together We Are

There is a space inside me that could swallow the sea.

It is as vast as it is full of love for you.

You are the moon of this ocean and I follow you unconditionally.

The universe between us is nothing. When you smile at me dolphins make love in my belly and octopi dance the tango. You turn your head and I follow as the sea floor cracks. You turn away and a surge of destruction pervades villages, cities, small fishing huts, shanties and palaces inside me.

(Dead children float through blood canals, their presence marked only by the bitter, stupefying scent of ripe sweet innocence turned to nauseas waste.)

You look at me with your eyes that see so much that I could never see

(Neptune Pluto Saturn Aliens. Mountain Goats munching Mountain Grass. Glaciers whose progress only you can mark. The anguish of a dying man in the desert who cannot move his wasted lips to whisper I Have Loved or just... Please....)

and I stare back at you from the surface of an inverted Alp, a fluid dark crater of emotion and secrets, filled with movement and stillness, weightlessness and all the fatal pressure of the galaxy, rippling with bright beautiful heavenly creatures you can only imagine in your dreams

and I am captivated.

I am held in your stare, entranced and transcended with all that together we are

(Not knowing your secrets and dying to know. And not to. Not knowing how the craters on your face were chiseled into your soul but knowing none the less that they are. Not comprehending that there could ever be another like me but supposing that there must.)

You are the moon and I am a woman with the sea inside me. You are a man and I am the orbit you can’t escape but sometimes wish you could.

I am held in your stare, entranced and transcended by all that together we are.

A sleeping palm on a breast bed. A belly wobble and a heart giggle. A stunned mammal in the high beams who doesn’t know the meaning of road kill.

Four green tinged spherical upside down cities with pupils and lashes and lids.

Eight limbs, four lips and twenty entwined toes.





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