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Who is Daughter of the Mountain?

Daughter of the Mountain is the meaning of her spiritual name 'Shailaputri' given to her by her yoga teacher in India, where she lived for 1 year editing his books for the Yoga Publications Trust.


Before that, she was known as Anasaskia, which means 'valley of light', 'protector of humankind' and 'strong brave woman'.


When she was three years old, she told her mother, "Now is the time for me to start thinking about the Sun, the Moon, and the meaning of Life," and that's pretty much what she has been doing ever since.


Daughter of the Mountain has a Bachelor of Communications (UTS) majoring in Creative Writing and Contemporary Cultures. In this capacity, she works as an freelance writer, editor and copywriter.


She then trained and worked as a professional actor, before she stumbled across her greatest love: kirtan (if you don't know what it is, she will tell you).

She now plays kirtan regularly in Sydney with her beloved band Sound Samadhi. She can be found roaming airports and train stations around the world with her harmonium in her arms.


Daughter of the Mountain has a Diploma in Yogic Studies, and works as a yoga teacher and yoga blog writer at Manly Yoga, and other venues in NSW.


Her other great loves are sufi poetry, lying on warm rocks after swimming in the sea, dancing under the full moon, falling in love, covering herself in ash and disappearing into nature, eating scones in the Blue Mountains, making love in cable cars, and worshipping the divine in everything.


Her writing is a tribute to all of these experiments...




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