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When I was three years old I told my mother, "Now is the time for me to start thinking about the sun, the moon, and the meaning of life."

I feel that I began this exploration through my relationship with nature, which was very strong from a young age. As a child, I remembers thinking, ‘Even if everything and everyone I love in my life was taken from me, this connection with nature would be enough to sustain me.’

As children, we are new to this world and are often blessed with more memory or intuition as to who we really are, where we came from and where we are going. My childhood poems reflect thees themes and are full of references to things beyond this world.

As I grew older, this relationship with spirit began to experience and express itself through romantic love. I remember feeling that this deep love for another person was like staring into the face of God. These themes also began to emerge strongly in my poetry at this time.

Drawn to this experience of connection with what is raw and truthful both within myself and within others, I went on to train and work professionally as an actor since the age of 10.

Ultimately, this attraction is also what led me to yoga...




When I finished high school, I first completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, majoring in Creative Writing and Contemporary Cultures (UTS), and then went on to fulfil my childhood dream of going to drama school.

After completing my Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (ACA), I worked for some time as an actor in stage and screen. Whilst my passion for acting never diminished, I didn’t feel a strong resonance with the industry surrounding it.

At this point, the hand of destiny intervened and I was introduced to kirtan and the deep practices of yoga; the exploration of the relationship between spirit and humanity very quickly turned to these mediums.

Soon after, I moved to India to study and work at the Bihar School of Yoga, where my main task was editing the highly esteemed yogic texts published by the Bihar School of Yoga.


Back in Australia, I completed her Diploma in Yogic Studies (two years full-time or 2000 hours) and commenced work as a yoga teacher.



In recent years, I have taught regularly at both Manly Yoga and Qi Yoga, and as a guest at other Sydney and NSW studios, offering classes, courses and retreats across a broad and specialised spectrum of yoga. Click for more info or check out my events page


I also work sporadically as a freelance writer and editor, predominantly in the field of yoga and spirituality, and have also dabbled in English teaching before shifting organically into full-time yoga teaching.

Up until a few years ago, I could be found roaming airports and train stations around the world with my harmonium in my arms. These days, I am almost always to be found at or close to home with one or both of my darling little children in my arms: my latest and most dearly beloved exploration into the heart of love.



Daughter of Mountain is the meaning of my spiritual name 'Shailaputri' (Shaila for short) given to me by my yoga teacher in India. My parents named me 'Anasaskia', which means 'valley of light', 'protector of humankind' and 'strong brave woman'.


My other great loves and teachers are a full moon, a warm rock, a truthful eye, a good scone, a deep conversation, a good debate, an emotional piece of music, a masterful metaphor, a worthwhile regret, an act of kindness, a selfless service, and most recently, a mother's love.

My life offerings are a tribute to all of these and more...

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